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Fattoria Vaiani

Five hectares at the service of our kitchens

The Vaiani Farm is located in San Quirico di Moriano, immersed in the extraordinary scenery of the hills surrounding Lucca. We are in the ‚ÄúMorianese‚ÄĚ, the flat and partly hilly strip of land that extends along the right bank of the Serchio river; the widespread presence of many streams and a humid temperate climate make the soils particularly fertile, supporting the flourishing of qualified agriculture.

Piero knew all this well, because this was his land, these his roots, this his farm: the son of farmers he always recognized the quality and potentials of a soil clod in his hands, a rich and severe soil, but generous with those who love her.

The farm

Our farm, managed by the "chef des champs" Andrea Simonetti, includes two hectares of olive groves with 800 plants (Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo) and three hectares which provide vegetable, fruits, olive oil, aromatic herbs and eggs to the kitchens of all our restaurants.
All our menus are the result of the collaboration and coordination that the executive Chef Andrea Mattei created between the restaurants and farmers of the Vaiani Farm in order to always use the the highest quality products, not only in season, but above all of the day, creating a connection with the kitchens strongly rooted to the earth and its sustainable cycles. Sustainability is in fact a concept particularly valued for us: on the farm we recycle the organic part of the waste from our restaurants with a composting system that returns to feed our land thanking her for her kindness.

Fattoria Vaiani is part of an important project developed by the Department of Agricultural, Food and Agro-environmental Sciences of the University of Pisa for the safeguard of the rural world and its culture.
The researchers of the Pisa university together with Andrea Simonetti, Chef des Champs of the farm, and the chef Andrea Mattei intend to research, preserve and spread the cultivation and culture of the seeds of ancient vegetables, fruits and cereals that used to be widespread in our territory, supporting the recovery of biodiversity in crop systems.
These products will arrive in the kitchens of the restaurants of the Vaiani & Vaiani group and, under the direction of the executive Chef Andrea Mattei, will take you on a journey through the ancient flavors of our territory farmer tradition.

Il Podere Piero

Welcome to Piero’s farmhouse, a finely restored typically Tuscan farmhouse where we invite you to explore the well-tended gardens and olive groves to admire the surrounding hills and to witness the harmonious change of seasons immersed in the swimming pool set in the landscape.
A harmony you find in every gesture, in every corner, in every product and in the care and passion that animates those who protect and guard the landscape of this small rural paradise, away from stress and hectic everyday life. Recent renovations have brought the old building to a level of contemporary comfort that keeps intact the flavor of its farmer origins and the spirit of its old walls and high ceilings with wooden beams and bricks.

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