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Bistrot Restaurant

Bistrot Restaurant

Excellence, quality, authentic flavors: welcome to the Bistrot, the flagship of the Vaiani fleet, one of the best restaurants in Tuscany, consecrated by the award of the Michelin Star in 2010.

Sotto la direzione dell’Under the direction of Executive Chef Andrea Mattei the culinary proposal consolidates the uniqueness of the Bistrot menu ; a research aiming to capture the very essence of the element starting from the tradition of the flavors and aromas of the territory and the best raw materials from the Vaiani Farm. The care for every single detail is also reflected in the hall, where the Maître Andrea Salvatori, special award for the Best Room Service of the Michelin Guide in 2018, directs his team as an orchestra conductor in the welcoming, in the wine choice and in the always impeccable service.The result is a refined and harmonious atmosphere that naturally spreads from the kitchen into the hall, making the Bistrot the perfect place for a unique experience of excellence.


Via della Repubblica, 14
55042 – Forte Dei Marmi (LU)

Phone 0584 89879